Circular Economy Roundtable – Pune

The Circular Economy Roundtable event was conducted in Pune on 9th February as part of the Circular Economy Mapping Week convened by the Circular Economy Club. EKF oragnised the event in Pune joining 66 other cities from different parts of the world. The partners included Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (MCCIA) and Green Industries South Australia (GISA).

The event had eminent speakers from environment and sustainability in the region. Mr. Sudhanwa Koperdekar opened the session with a welcome session and it was followed by an introductory session on Circular Economy by Dr. Prasad Modak. Ms. Saroj Badgujar from Janwani shared insights about the initiatives of the organisation in optimising waste collection in certain parts of Pune Municiapl Corporation and their plans for scaling up. Mrs. Suchismita Pai represented SWaCH and shared her insights from the activities of SWaCH. SWaCH is a cooperative for waste management workers in Pune from the informal sector. Mr. S.B.Patil from MIDC spoke at length about the sustainability measures adopted by MIDC and the plans on encouraging more industrial clusters towards prudent resource use. The last speaker was Mrs.Anagha Paranjape-Purohit who discussed circularity in built environment and integrating circular economy principles into green buildings.

The roundtable saw interesting discussions on circular economy deployment in India. The event concluded with discussions on how India requires more capacity building in circular economy in different sectors.