EkocalendarEnvironment matters, everyday!

Every year we bring out an educational, awareness tool: Ekocalendar which is a desktop calendar printed on eco-friendly paper/inks.

  • It has a theme and a pledge for each month - for e.g. February is "Buy Green Products" and the pledge is "Buy responsibly: local, low on packaging, organic!". It also has lots of information, trivia, quotes etc. related to each month and theme. Environmental days are highlighted and their significance is detailed.
  • For 2015 we have added another interesting feature of the cover page being printed on 'seed paper' which is paper embedded with seeds of plants. The idea is to get the receiver to actually tear off the paper and plant it in a pot of soil and grow the plants - this action of doing will reinforce the message of nurturing nature we wish to inculcate in our audience.

Its a great gift for clients/customers and employees as it is customizable to the company requirements.

Over the years we have customized calendars for companies like Cognizant, IL&FS, Ecofirst (TCE), ENSUS Consultancy Services, Sanyak Financials and more. Write into Sonal Alvares at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free copy of 2015. Scroll down to see some photos of this unique product.

Ekocalendar 2015 is also available for purchase on the internet at the Green n Good online store, go there now.


Clients for Ekocalendar