Eco ExpoIntroducing the concept of green buildings

On March 5, 2005, an ECO Expo was conducted by the ECOnnection Hub in Pune. Renowned actor and ardent nature lover, Milind Gunaji released the Citizen’s ECO Guide developed by the ECOnnection Hub.

Sameer Belvalkar of Belvalkar Housing Schemes Pvt. Ltd. presented their vision in developing Ishaan Srushti complex on 'Eco principles' such as climate responsive design, resource conservation and recycling.

Rahul Datar presented a vision of transforming Pune into an Eco-city through initiatives such as Eco-Housing, Eco-lifestyles and motivated Community Action through institutional mechanisms such as Advanced Locality Management (ALMs).

The ECOnnection Hub, an initiative of EMC, was discussed by Anagha Paranjape of EMC. The audience was urged to use the platform and support of the ECOnnection Hub to initiate community action for the environment. The ECOnnection Hub has evolved into our current initiative Eko Hub.

The EXPO stalls on display gave exposure to visitors about technology options such as solar thermal systems for flat holders, sewage recycling plants in housing societies etc. The EXPO event was conducted between 17:00 to 20:00 hrs and more than 150 residents attended and visited the stalls.


On the following day, March 6, 2005 a seminar event to introduce the concept of Advanced Locality Management (ALM) was hosted.

Seema Redkar, ALM Officer, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation and Mr. and Mrs. Nusrat Khatri, ALM coordinators were invited from Mumbai to present their experiences and allow sharing of perspectives.

The participants were representatives of the various housing schemes built by Belvalkar Housing in Pune. More than 35 residents attended his seminar.

Seema Redkar gave an excellent orientation to issues and challenges in vermicomposting. Mr. and Mrs. Khatri, coordinators of an ALM in Kandivili, Mumbai shared their experiences in their newly formed ALM, the hurdles they faced and the challenges they overcame during the working of their ALMs.

The citizens took active part in the discussions in this event. A keen desire was expressed on forming ALMs in Pune and establishing a working synergistic relationship between citizens and the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

As next steps, ECOnnection Hub promised full support to the representatives of the housing societies who wished to form ALMs towards addressing environmental issues prevalent within and around their respective localities.

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