Calculate Carbon Footprint now! Know & reduce your footprint


Have you ever wondered how your daily activities have been contributing to “global warming”?

The electricity you use, the type of vehicles you own or hire for travel, the garbage you throw, the food you eat, the way you cook and almost every manufactured product you use in your everyday life – all have a “carbon footprint” to them.

What causes “Global Warming”?

There is enough scientific evidence around the world to prove that Earth has been warming up at a pace faster than ever before - a phenomenon known as “global warming”. The surface temperature has risen by 0.74 °C during the 20th century and a further rise by 1.1 to 6.4 °C is expected during the 21st century. This temperature rise is attributed to increasing levels of atmospheric Green House Gases(GHG) such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide that have the capacity to absorb heat inducing infra-red radiations from the sun.

What is the carbon footprint index

Carbon Footprint Index (CFI) is an innovative concept developed by EMC. It is calculated considering specific GHG emissions e.g. per km of travel, per sq m of residential area etc. Thus, low carbon footprint alone does not mean that you are "climate friendly". Low carbon foot print intensity also matters! The CFI is a composite of the two. It will help you know if your lifestyle is climate friendly or not.

Why your carbon footprint and index matters?

Half of the GHGs responsible for global warming are emitted due to burning of coal for power generation, combustion of fuels such as petrol and diesel for transport, construction of and activities in residential and commercial buildings and decomposition of waste - all associated with the daily life of an individual on earth. The amount of GHGs emitted due to an individual’s every day activities on a personal level is called “Personal Carbon Footprint (CFP)”. The carbon footprint of an average Indian is 1.4 metric tons of CO2 equivalent in a year.

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How to know your CFP and CFI?

“knowCO2now” - an easy-to-use MS Excel based tool designed by EMC will help you estimate both CFP and CFI based on your response to 14 easy questions. The questions posed relate to a few carbon-intensive activities in your everyday life. An honest answer will help you know your CFP and CFI and how your lifestyle choices could influence the same.

Customize the knowCOsnow calculator to your needs!

The knowCO2now calculator can be customized for businesses and institutions, e.g. industries, offices, schools, housing societies, clubs, townships etc. You can use the calculator to arrive at decisions on your organization’s carbon account, create competitions and recognize people who make efforts to follow low-carbon living! If you require a customized version suited to your interest and organization, email Dr.Prasad Modak at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.