Carbon Footprint Calculation Program

On World Environment Day, 5th June 2015, Ekonnect organized a program on Climate Change & Carbon Footprint for a corporate in Mumbai.

It included calculating the personal carbon foot print of each of their employees as well as providing solutions to reduce the impact along with an exhibition using climate change related communication material including posters, booklets, fact sheets etc.

Our hope was to impart knowledge of the concept and significance of the carbon foot print to climate change in our city as evidenced by increasingly hotter summers (like the current one) among other unpredictable weather. Importantly sharing tips on how to reduce the footprint was integral to the program.

Immediate feedback and responses from employee ranged from very good initiative, there needs to be more like, show a short film next time, and appreciation for the unique and interactive conduct was received from all those who participated.

Four employees with the lowest four carbon footprints were felicitated and share their initiatives of leading a low-carbon lifestyle,

Write to us for more details and if you would like to do something similar in your organisation?

Click here to download the report.