Concept of EkonnectThe what-why-who-when of Ekonnect

Ekonnect has been a germ of an idea in Dr.Modak's head. From the time EMC was operating out of Pune in addition to Mumbai, they have been conducting community based activities.

These activities were centred on concepts of challenges in the environmental management domain. The main objectives were to increase awareness, impart knowledge about solutions and form the base of an action plan among all stakeholders.

See the image ‘Who we work with’ for all the programs and initiatives we conduct matched to the stakeholders.

Many years and programs later, Dr.Modak formed a section 8 non for profit company called Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation (Ekonnect) in the latter half of 2012. This would formalize the programs and ensure their continuity in a sustainable manner.

See the image ‘How we work’ to visually represent the concept behind Ekonnect which is to address challenges through education and knowledge using existing networks and building new ones.