Krupa Desai

Associate Vice President

Krupa is a qualified professional with a strong background in climate change and sustainability. She has a Master’s degree in Climate Change and Sustainable Development from CEPT University in India and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from SCET, Surat, India. Additionally, she also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Management Tools for Climate Change from Institute for Housing and Urban Studies (IHS), Erasmus University, The Netherlands.

Krupa’s expertise in climate change is further reinforced by her certifications in ISO 14064-1 and 3 for quantifying and reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as well as in ISO 14090 for adaptation to climate change. She has worked at Purdue University in the USA for three months under an international exchange program at EMC on climate change risk assessment for urban areas.

Krupa has a decade of experience in climate change vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) assessments at financial institutions and the reality industry. She has led climate vulnerability-related advisory services and worked on GHG inventorization and decarbonization plans for several industries and cities. In addition, Krupa was in charge for the development of the Urban Ecosystems Management Toolkit ( for Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH). Krupa also assisted in the development of the Green City Action Plan for Melaka, Malaysia that was funded by the Asian Development Bank.

Krupa manages EMC’s business with climate-focused funds, reality funds and serves as a focal point for international firms with whom EMC has Master Service Agreements for the conduct of Environmental and Social Due Diligence (ESDDs).

Outside of her professional work, Krupa is a trained classical dancer and is passionate about art and design while cherishing an affinity for the science of meditation.

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