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India recently initiated a compelling behavior change movement - LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment). Mission LiFE was launched by Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi at COP26 in Glasgow in 2021 and later at the World Environment Day 2022 in India. The idea of LiFE is to consume only what is essentially needed and preferably available locally; use products and services to their fullest extent and repurpose or recycle whatever is left. LiFE encourages resource conservation and waste minimization in day-to-day life. LiFE is a first-of-its-kind, India-led global mass movement to nudge individual and community action to protect and preserve the environment.

At COP 27 at Sharm el Shaikh in 2022, the MoEFCC-UNDP Compendium 'Prayaas Se Prabhaav Tak - from Mindless Consumption to Mindful Utilization' was launched. The compendium highlights India's traditional best practices that embody the ethos of LiFE.

In this year's EkoCalendar, we take you through twelve (12) important areas where you could initiate action towards sustainable lifestyles aligned with mission LiFE. This EkoCalendar is unique as it engages you virtually through this webpage, seeks your involvement, and requests ideas on actions and experiences to share.

We are glad to announce the EMC Ekonnect Eko-Life Program to facilitate this. Join our Eko-Life program to participate and access additional resources.

  1. Register using the link below to join our Eko-Life program, to share / access the resources and to get notified about our monthly webinars where you will meet inspiring personalities across the world

  2. Contribute your ideas on LiFE in the twelve (12) “action areas” (one for each month) and submit your experience on LiFE by uploading a narrative, supplemented by visuals and a video by May 15, 2023 on the above-mentioned webpage.

  3. We will evaluate all the submissions and shortlist top 10% applicants on June 5, 2023. Those shortlisted, will be encouraged to estimate the environmental footprints of their lifestyles using the tools that we will provide. In addition, they will need to demonstrate whether and how they could influence at least five (5) or more individuals with some evidence.

  4. On the basis of these second stage submissions, we will announce top three (3) winners in December 2023. The winners will receive recognition as Eko-Warriors, exciting rewards and a 2-month paid internship at EMC to shape their careers in sustainability.

  5. We request you to please publicize Eko-Life on your social media accounts. To download the social media kit, click on the link below.

We look forward to having you and your friends on board! Please visit the links below for resources as well as submitting your ideas under the Eko-Life Program.

Conserve Energy
Why segregate household waste? Opportunities and challenges.
Make Home Green

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